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Digital Advertising for E-commerce with Michael Gottfried


An analysis on establishing a marketing budget with a focus on the various channels and media costs along with specific examples on how to evaluate costs and determine what is right for your brand.

Customer Service with Saltbox ATL Member, Rickey McBride


Rickey's company GoldSeaMoss is one of the largest distributors of SeaMoss in the world. He uses the time during the webinar to share his secrets to success through excellent customer service. Learn why he choose to focus more on customer service and customer retention in his first year than he did on marketing.

soona services with Laura Oxler


Soona has the crew, the equipment and the props on hand to make beautiful photos and videos that companies can use tomorrow. Learn the ins and outs of photo creating and marketing with Laura and get a special Saltbox Members-only discount for soona services.

Content Marketing with Quinton Lewis from HerbNEden


 Quinton Lewis, co-founder and head of marketing for Herb’N Eden shared about content marketing and adjusting during extreme periods of growth. His company grew its revenue by 10x over the past year using content as one of its prime marketing strategies.

How to Recruit the Right People with Jazmin Addy


Jazmin is co-founder and CEO of Proximity Partners, and has spent more than a decade as a professional recruiter, HR advisor and a career strategy coach.

 Jazmin provides tailored recruiting and human resource solutions for every business size, as well as mentors individuals to realize their professional best. She plans to provide insight on when and how to recruit the best people for your company!

Prepare for January Returns and Resales with UPS Rep Marla Miller


UPS Representative, Marla Miller, shared her expertise on how to structure and handle returns and improve customer experience and gain lifelong customers through the process!

Saltbox Member Share Day #2


Back by popular demand! This is Saltbox's biggest online Meet and Greet, which means that our Members had the opportunity to present their business to other Saltbox Members. It was really special - Members shared their products, their stories, asked questions, and received advice. It was great to see what our creative entrepreneurs are working on. This is an event you don't want to miss.

Get Funded with Jermaine Brown, Outlander Labs


If want to expand your business, create a financial strategy, and get funded — this is the event for you!

How to Build a Financial Roadmap with Chase Spenst


Chase Spenst, CEO and Founder of Ground Control, is an expert in crafting strategies and building infrastructure that allows entrepreneurial ideas to launch, scale, and land. For one hour, learn how to be your own COO and CFO and create a roadmap for success.

Saltbox Member Share Day #1


This is not our usual webinar — this is Saltbox's biggest online Meet and Greet, which means that our Members had the opportunity to present their business to other Saltbox Members. It was really special - Members shared their products, their stories, asked questions, and received advice. It was great to see what our creative entrepreneurs are working on. This is an event you don't want to miss.

USPS Small Business Group shares exclusive insights with our Saltbox community


Join local USPS professionals for an exclusive  chat with Saltbox MembersTogether. They'll cover how to get set up for maximum efficiency with USPS, and how Saltbox and USPS plan to partner going forward. This was a lively, informative and interactive Q+A!

5 Tips for finding a customer success person using lean, start up style with Katie Yamashita


Katie Yamashita, Head of Sales for Go2, is a pro connecting clients with teammates who help them handle their customer service and back office operations. She honed her craft as Head of Customer Experience for VEGAMOUR, a clean beauty startup.  share all the tricks of the trade. In this webinar, Katie will share where to find your CX person, how to interview and recruit them, onboard them using LEAN startup style, AND build out the role for scale.

How to Text Your Customers and Raise Conversion Rates with Bogdan Constantin


Saltbox is so happy to open our second Concrete Conversations series with Bogdan Constantin, CEO and founder of Voxie, the conversational SMS platform that helps brands build 2-way relationships with their customers, at scale. Constantin previously founded Menguin - the world's first DTC suit and tuxedo rental company, which he scaled by over 10,000% thanks to texting with his customers. The massive growth led to a successful sale to Men's Warehouse. 

Crushing the Holiday Rush with Mitchell Chapman


Mitchell Chapman, from MTC Marketing is a digital marketing guru and has helped many brands think through strategies for email campaigns, marketing automations, ads, analytics and more. 

We discussed how to approach holiday sales, changes to look out for AND email + text strategy, including a cadence to follow via a Black Friday/Cyber Monday checklist that you can take with you!

Member Share Day #3


A crowd favorite! We featured 5 of our Members across 3 locations to share about their entrepreneurial journeys and how they plan to prepare for the holidays.

A Glimpse into Saltbox Services with our eForce Product Manager, Drea Williams 


Saltbox's own, Drea Williams is going to give an in depth overview of how the Elastic Workforce (eForce for short) can benefit your business. She will cover how it all works, announce a new service we will be launching soon called Inventory Design and give some tips for success going into the holiday season.

Nicolas Bailliache with Estreamly shares his expertise on Live Commerce


Join Nicolas Bailliache learn how live stream can help you increase sales in a different way! We will cover everything you need to know to get started and will also gave an overview of the live stream event we hosted at Saltbox on 12/7!

Customer Success and Retention following BFCM sales with Kristen Jones


Kristen walks us through the good, the bad and the ugly of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and how to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more! Kristen has seen a lot over the years and has also worked with many of our Members at Saltbox. She brings a wealth of knowledge and she is passionate about helping small businesses!

Operations + Logistics Best Practices with Paul D'Arrigo


A discussion on best practices for operational excellence in your warehouse suite. This was a unique opportunity for consultative-esque experience.

How to Slow Down to Speed Up in 2022 | Special Partner Episode


The past year (or three!) has felt like a whirlwind, and small businesses have hustled hard. Check out how you can channel your energy to do less and achieve more by focusing on tactics that work. In this special episode, we're joined by soona and TheWMarketplace to dig into content, social media, and operations that WORK.